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What to Expect

Let's work together to create a healthier version of you!  

At your first visit
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete paperwork, if you have not downloaded  and completed it already.  Your first visit will last about 60 minutes.  You will go over an in depth history of your issues, review your medical history, medications and any other relevant information before your physical examination begins.   After completing the physical examination and treatment, you and the therapist will work on a treatment plan to help you reach your goals.  The therapist will take the time necessary to make sure you understand the anatomy of your problems to help you understand the reason and importance of each aspect of the plan.  You will then schedule your follow up visits.  
Follow Up Visits
The length of your follow up visits will depend on your particular set of issues and treatment needs.  They could be 30-60 minutes in length.  Home exercises may be updated at the end of the session as needed. 
Pelvic Floor Patients
Your special issues may take additional treatment times.  Please review this link for more info on pelvic floor treatment. 
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