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The Therapist
Jennifer J. Smith, PT

Jen is the owner and physical therapist at the clinic.  She is a 1998 graduate of the University of Vermont.  She has worked in various PT setting before opening her practice in 2010. 

Cathrine Stoughton, PTA

Cathrine joined the practice in 2018.  She graduated from Berkshire Community College in 2013.  She has experience with children, adults and geriatrics.  

Maggie, therapy dog

Maggie is our clinic's adorable assistant, who will make you feel relaxed and at home in our space. 

Specialized training in:


          Pelvic pain disorders

  • Muscle Energy techniques

  • Myofascial Release, including RockBlades IASTM techniques

  • Running assessments

  • RockTape Certified

  • Chronic Pain




The Practice


Progressive Physical Therapy, LLC was opened in June 2010 by Jennifer J Smith.  


At Progressive Physical Therapy, LLC you will always work one to one first with Jennifer to diagnose, strategize and create an effective treatment plan to help you meet your specific therapy needs.  You play the key role in your recovery.  Jennifer will help you understand your issue, both anatomically, neuropathically and functionally.  She will provide manual treatments, combined with functional strengthening, to help you regain normal function, while you will have an individualized home exercise program to follow. 


Latest Clinic News:


Attended 2016 APTA Combined Sections Meeting

February, 2016


Jen attended the American Physical Therapy Association's annual combined sections meeting in February in Anaheim, California.  She was able to attend several informative educational sessions and improve her clinical skills.  She found the sessions on running assessments particularly interesting and helpful. 



Progressive Physical Therapy, LLC named best Physical Therapy in the Bennington area by residents for the second consecutive year! 



Jen was again humbled by the voters again choosing her as the best physical therapist in Bennington.  Thank you! 



Progressive Physical Therapy, LLC named best Physical Therapy in the Bennington area. 



Thank you all so much for the pleasant surprise!  

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